Kingsley Bate


I'm a consumer. Can I purchase furniture directly from Kingsley Bate?

Unfortunately, Kingsley Bate is unable to sell furniture directly to consumers. Please visit the Where to Buy section of this website for the nearest authorized dealer.

Where can I purchase replacement parts for Kingsley Bate furniture?

Replacement parts such as cushions, slings, metal hardware, umbrella plugs (for tables), dowels, glass, and some teak parts, may be purchased through an authorized Kingsley Bate retailer. Please visit the Where to Buy section of this website for the nearest location. For the fastest assistance, please use our website to identify the item number for your furniture before contacting the retailer. If your dealer has questions about the replacement part, they may ask you to take digital pictures of your furniture that can be emailed.

Do all Kingsley Bate tables accommodate an umbrella?

All Kingsley Bate dining and bar tables come with an umbrella hole except the BOCA (BO77), PROVENCE, TUSCANY, and WESTPORT tables. The size of the umbrella hole varies and does not accommodate all umbrella sizes. Refer to the umbrella section of the Kingsley Bate catalog for details.

Does Kingsley Bate accept C.O.M. fabric for cushions?

Customer’s Own Material (C.O.M.) is always welcome. Please contact Kingsley Bate’s customer service for yardage requirements.

Does Kingsley Bate sell cushions for furniture that has been discontinued?

Cushions can be made for some of our discontinued products. Contact Kingsley Bate customer service to determine if the cushion style you need is available.

Do Kingsley Bate cushions meet the CAL-117 standard?
Both the fabric and cushion fill used to manufacture our cushions meet the CAL-117 Section E - Flammability Standard. 

Is the sling material used in Kingsley Bate furniture approved for commercial applications?
The sling fabric used in Kingsley Bate’s St. Tropez collection and stainless steel furniture meets the casual furniture industry’s standards for flammability and is approved for commercial applications.


How does teak wood weather?

Teak wood furniture, when exposed to the outdoors, will form a handsome silver-gray patina. This process will take approximately nine months, depending on the amount of sunlight and rain exposure. (The weathering process will occur faster in moist climates and slower in dry climates.) The end result is furniture with a timeless appeal.

During the weathering process you may notice "checking" or small cracks that appear in the wood. This is perfectly natural, as wood expands and contracts slightly when left outdoors. Checking is cosmetic only and in no way affects the structural integrity of the furniture. Checking is not covered by warranty.

A lifting of the grain may occur on the top edges of the arms and legs. The grain will return to its original smooth finish after the initial weathering process. To aid this process, simply clean the furniture with a soft bristle brush or sponge as indicated in our cleaning instructions.

Water spots or other discoloration may also occur during the weathering process. These will even out with time and with periodic cleaning, the furniture will achieve a uniform silver-gray.

Will the Kingsley Bate Teak Protector product protect my teak from food stains?

No. The Teak Protector product will not prevent stains from foods like salad oil or red wine from soaking into the wood. The Teak Protector product is a cosmetic application used only to maintain the wood in a golden brown color.


What grade of steel does Kingsley Bate use?

Kingsley Bate uses 304 grade stainless steel, which is the most common grade of steel used for outdoor furniture, grills and patio heaters.

What is electropolishing?

Contaminants can more easily adhere to steel where the surface of the steel has been "torn". Electropolishing is a process that removes the surface features of the metal, creating a featureless finish. This featureless finish makes it much more difficult for contaminants to adhere to the steel, providing it with extra protection. Electropolished furniture will have a highly-polished silver appearance.

Although electropolished steel is highly resistant to corrosion, maintenance is still required to preserve the finish (just as it is with marine grade stainless steel). Residue from salt air or chlorinated water must not remain on the steel for too long and should be regularly cleaned from the surface. Furniture that is used in harsher environments requires more frequent cleaning.

Is 304-grade stainless steel considered "marine grade"?

No. 316-grade stainless steel is considered marine grade. However, if you order furniture with the electropolish finish, it will perform similarly to marine grade stainless steel.